Global Venture Growth Engine

Global Venture Growth team provides a managed service for international startups and VC portfolios in the US and Europe. Smart Tech companies create value with top industry players and get returns in domains like Internet of Things, CybersecurityData Privacy, Cloud, Multi-channel CRM/CX, Speech and Natural Language AI, and other areas.

10 Years of Emerging Tech & Industry

We bridge emerging tech teams and the innovation, sales and corporate development teams at global brands like Apple's Made for iPod Program, digital/physical CX at Disney amusement parks, IoT for infrastructure with Cisco and Dell, Semantic AI at United Airlines, third party compliance for General Electric, CRM with Oracle and smart solutions for Google, eBay, The US Navy, Caterpillar, Bank of America and category leading brands.

The Challenge: "Proof Points" that Demonstrate Market Leadership

How to achieve emerging tech category leadership that is visible, defensible and simple for corporates to adopt.

Our Better Approach: A Managed Service & Networks

Managed Service brings experience and a shared network of 250 industry veterans including the Global Venture Forum, 100 top investors in European tech from The International Venture Club and a broad network of Berkeley alumni.

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VC Portfolio Managed Service

Managed Service with Venture Capital Teams

    Accelerate “Proof Points” with strategic portfolio companies.

    Expand revenue, channel partners and monetization.

    Raise visibility outside local markets with relevant brands.

    Digital storytelling to amplify startup USPs with target audiences.

    Increase governance on deals. Generate more exit opportunity for founders and shareholders.

    Add team capacity without hiring, turn it on or off without any stress.

Select Domains & Reference Cases

    Smart & Semantic Technology (Q-go, Amsterdam - Prime Ventures portfolio acquired by Rightnow)

    Internet of Things (azeti, Berlin - strategic partnerships for Earlybird portfolio)

    Cloud-based Platforms (Aravo, partnerships, Google, GE as clients, investment by Cisco)

    mCommerce (Sign2Pay, Antwerp - Winner IVC Benelux Summit)

    Mobile Gaming (1upToys, Rotterdam - Amazon UK top selling)

    Customer Experience & Personalization (RightNow, acquired by Oracle)

    Personalization & Multi-channel CMS (Hippo, Amsterdam - powering

    Embedded Systems & Nanotechnology (PointOne Venture Fund, Eindhoven - Dynamic Ear Company, ASML, NXP)

Projects with Industry Leaders

Apple (Made for iPod program)
Bank of America (Semantic Search)
Best Buy (Cloud platform)
Caterpillar (Cloud platform)
Charles Schwab (Cloud platform)
Cisco (Internet of Things)
CNK Telecoms (China investment research, e.g.,
eBay (New market entry)
Disney (Online Customer Experience & Marketing)
Fidelity (Intranet)
General Electric (Cloud platform)
Google (Middleware)
IBM (Supply Chain)
Yahoo! (Middleware)
Oracle (Personalization)
Virgin Mobile (Customer Experiences)
United Airlines (Semantic Search)
And digital media partners & SIs like Razorfish, Northpoint, Blast Radius, Capgemini, IBM

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