Managed Services for Global Ventures

The Global Venture Group is a global venture boutique started by Berkeley alumni with Venture Capital, industry and tech exit experience. The team has led deals between international startups and top industry players in the US and Europe active in Smart Tech domains which bring new business models and defensible tech to industry in IoT for Connected Industry, CyberData Privacy, Cloud, Multi-channel CRM/CX, Artificial Intelligence, and other areas.

10 Years Helping Emerging Tech Transform Industry

We have helped bridge emerging tech teams and the innovation, sales and corporate development functions at global brands like Apple's Made for iPod Program, digital/physical customer experiences at Disney amusement parks, IoT for telecoms and remote infrastructure with Cisco and Dell, Artificial Intelligence at United Airlines, global third party compliance for General Electric and GE's million suppliers, CX and customer care with Oracle and use cases with The US Navy, Caterpillar, Fidelity, Bank of America and industry leaders.

The Challenge: Category Leadership & "Proof Points"

The surge in worldwide M&A activity means corporate development teams are working harder than ever. The challenge for every investor or founder is how to achieve category leadership that is defensible and easy for corporate development to explain without exhausting resources.

Flexible, less resource-intensive approaches that leverage veteran networks are a proven approach for Smart Tech companies. They can begin anywhere if they have the mindset, technology and business model to build stories that are credible in Silicon Valley.

Our Better Approach: A Managed Service & Networks

Emerging Tech companies and VC Management teams can subscribe to a monthly Managed Service with much lower total cost of ownership and risk than hiring full-time resources. The Global Venture Group is a trusted partner that understands the company and team, and can be enlisted to support at any time. The service can be continued as long as it delivers value, and be switched off when it does not. And avoids costly HR issues.

This means a shared network of over a thousand VCs, 250 corporate development veterans and 120 founders and CXOs who have joined GVF as they expanded US and European market presence. At the heart of the group are 200 Bay Area alumni of the Global Venture Forum, 100 top investors in European tech from The International Venture Club and a broad network of Berkeley alumni ready to 'challenge the status quo' as senior decision-makers at innovation and M&A-oriented brands.

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These capabilities and networks lead to significant enterprise value and better exits for founders and shareholders. Contact us at

Select Domains & Case Studies:

Smart & Semantic Technology (Q-go, Amsterdam - acquired by Rightnow)
Internet of Things (azeti, Berlin - established strategic partnerships for this Earlybird portfolio company)
Cloud-based Platforms (Aravo, partnerships, Google, GE as clients, investment by Cisco)
mCommerce (Sign2Pay, Antwerp - Winner IVC Benelux Summit)
Mobile Gaming (1upToys, Rotterdam - Amazon UK top selling)
Customer Experience & Personalization (RightNow, acquired by Oracle)
Open Source (Hippo, Amsterdam - powering
Embedded Systems & Nanotechnology (PointOne iFund, Eindhoven - Dynamic Ear Company, ASML/NXP/Point One portfolio)

Projects with industry leaders:

Apple (Made for iPod program)
Bank of America (Semantic Search)
Best Buy (Cloud platform)
Caterpillar (Cloud platform)
Charles Schwab (Cloud platform)
Cisco (Internet of Things)
CNK Telecoms (China investment research, e.g.,
eBay (New market entry)
Disney (Online Customer Experience & Marketing)
Fidelity (Intranet)
General Electric (Cloud platform)
Google (Middleware)
IBM (Supply Chain)
Yahoo! (Middleware)
Oracle (Personalization)
Virgin Mobile (Customer Experiences)
United Airlines (Semantic Search)
And digital media partners & SIs like Razorfish, Northpoint, Blast Radius, Capgemini, IBM

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