Global Partner for US Sprints & Market Execution

OpenStrategic Global Growth Partners helps international scaleups save time engaging strategic market segments. We work with scaleups to close deals with industry leaders and move the valuation needle for the company. Our scaleup clients are strong teams from Europe and the US.

10 Years helping Scaleups & Industry Cooperate on Deals

Our team has enabled scaleups acquire watershed clients like AppleDisneyCisco, United Airlines, General Electric, Oracle, Air Canada, Google, eBay, The US Navy, Caterpillar, Bank of America and other category leading brands.

Our community and its combined experience have been the difference in accessing strategic revenue and achieve seven digit valuation boosts in domains like Internet of Things, CybersecurityData PrivacyCloudMulti-channel CRM/CXNatural Language AI, and Blockchain.

Our Approach: Specialized Vertical & Horizontal Experts On Demand

Our people bring experience and a network of 100+ industry specialists including the Global Venture ForumThe International Venture Club, Startup Europe Partnership and a core network of alumni from UC Berkeley and other top schools.

Create value and improve returns for founders and shareholders.

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Scaleup Client Cases

    AI Customer Care Technology (Q-go, Amsterdam - Prime Ventures portfolio acquired by Rightnow)

    AI Marketing (Synerise, Poland - US Market Sprint & GTM strategy)

    Blockchain (Netis, Slovenia - Strategic Industry GTM)

    Internet of Things (azeti, Berlin - strategic partnerships for Earlybird portfolio)

    Cloud-based Platforms (Aravo, partnerships, Google, GE as clients, investment by Cisco)

    mCommerce (Sign2Pay, Antwerp - Winner IVC Benelux Summit)

    Mobile Gaming (1upToys, Rotterdam - Amazon UK top selling)

    Customer Experience & Personalization (RightNow, acquired by Oracle)

    Personalization & Multi-channel CMS (Hippo, Amsterdam - powering

    Embedded Systems & Nanotechnology (PointOne Venture Fund, Eindhoven - Dynamic Ear Company, ASML, NXP)

Scaleup Cooperation with Industry Leaders

Apple (Made for iPod program)
Bank of America (Semantic Search)
Best Buy (Cloud platform)
Caterpillar (Cloud platform)
Charles Schwab (Cloud platform)
Cisco (Internet of Things)
CNK Telecoms (China investment research, e.g.,
eBay (New market entry)
Disney (Online Customer Experience & Marketing)
Fidelity (Intranet)
General Electric (Cloud platform)
Google (Middleware)
IBM (Supply Chain)
Yahoo! (Middleware)
Oracle (Personalization)
Virgin Mobile (Customer Experiences)
United Airlines (Semantic Search)
And digital media partners & SIs like Razorfish, Northpoint, Blast Radius, Capgemini, IBM

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